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Special Collection

Graphic Justice

Collection launched: 20 Jul 2017

This is a special collection of peer-reviewed research articles edited by Dr Thomas Giddens (St Mary’s University, London, UK) and Dr Ernesto Priego (City, University of London, UK) for The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship.

The term ‘Graphic Justice’ refers to the expansive and multi-disciplinary crossover between law and justice and comics of all kinds. Comics are of huge and ongoing significance to law, justice, and legal studies, be it as objects of regulation (free speech, obscenity, copyright), as a host for representations of law and justice (superheroes, policing, courtroom drama), or as cultural forms of discourse on wider issues in law and justice studies (morality, philosophy, politics, critical theory).

The intersection is a broad and open one, and this ongoing special collection aims to be a platform for developing critical work across comics and legal studies. This Graphic Justice special collection welcomes submissions for papers that traverse any potential intersection between law and comics—both broadly defined.

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