Published: 25/04/24

The articles in this ongoing collection discuss comics in the context of particular nationalities.

Published: 03/11/23

Marie’s death is visually put into the context of the flu pandemic’s death toll, The Fall collected edition, 2021: 20 © 2021 Jared Muralt.

Published: 17/05/22

This ongoing special collection presents work relating to translation in and of comics, with the aim of bringing more scholarly attention to the structures of translation and distribution of comics written in languages other than English.

Published: 09/04/22

This special collection called for rapid responses concerning how comics have been used in increasingly generative ways to talk about mental health, disability and illness, politics, and social inequities.

Published: 18/02/19

This special collection of papers is based on, or expands on the themes of the Creating Comics, Creative Comics symposium held in June 2018 at the University of South Wales, Cardiff.

Published: 12/03/18

This special collection presents an interdisciplinary selection of peer-reviewed articles in comics form. It aims to present, promote and examine the role comics can play as a form of science communication.

Published: 27/09/17

This special collection on the Poetics of Digital Comics follows up on the transdisciplinary conference Poetics of the Algorithm held at the University of Liège (Belgium) in June 2016.

Published: 19/07/17

This special collection seeks to publish concise and accessible, rigorous and critically developed papers that elaborate on any aspect(s) of the relationships between justice, law, comics, and graphic narrative.

Published: 13/03/17

David Bowie died on 10 January 2016. On 14 March 2016, inspired by the need to respond to Bowie’s death from a comics studies perspective, we invited authors and artists to submit contributions for a special collection of papers offering alternative scholarly approaches to Bowie and comics.

Published: 02/06/16

Over the last forty years, the fields of jazz studies and comic studies have gained currency within the academy and have been enriched by interdisciplinary approaches. The New Jazz Studies has invigorated the discipline beyond its musicological roots, while Comics Studies has thrived in the digital age. This collection aims to find meeting points between the disciplines.