From representations of the legal institution, to reading comics as discourse on the broad range of legal, moral, or jurisprudential questions, to examining how comics form relates to the concerns or practice of law and justice, this special collection seeks to publish concise and accessible, rigorous and critically developed papers that elaborate on any aspect(s) of the relationships between justice, law, comics, and graphic narrative.

Articles in this collection should be accessible across legal and comics studies audiences. Articles published in this collection go through a formal and rigorous peer reviewed process, seeking expertise from those working within and across both legal and comics studies. Submitted papers should engage directly with specific excerpts or examples of comics work, be fully developed and critically informed, and should be no more than 7,000 words. See the journal’s editorial guide for more details.

This special collection is edited by Thomas Giddens (University of Dundee, Founder Graphic Justice Research Alliance) and Ernesto Priego (City University).

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