This special collection presents an interdisciplinary selection of peer-reviewed articles in comics form. It aims to present, promote and examine the role comics can play as a form of science communication.

Recent publications demonstrate that comics have the potential of becoming academic outputs in their own right, and have been increasingly recognized as such by authors, publishers and academic institutions. Various webcomics as well as the growing trend of having illustrators document proceedings live at academic events (in the form of so-called 'scribing', 'sketchnoting' or 'graphic facilitation') provide evidence of the blurring of genre/medium distinctions between infographics, data visualisation, and comics. Likewise, there is evidence of researchers and educators working with illustrators to develop comics about their practice, research data and insights for dissemination and impact.

In recognition of this emerging practice The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship invited submissions on 'science' in comics form in the course of 2017. We welcome submissions from any scientific field, topic or methodology, in a bid to encourage the production and to increase the visibility of comics-as-scholarship, beyond the boundaries of comics and visual studies.

Edited by Dr Nicolas Labarre (Université Bordeaux Montaigne, France) and Dr Ernesto Priego (City, University of London, UK). Featured image CC BY Lydia Wysocky.

Editors: Ernesto Priego (Editor), Nicolas Labarre (Editor)



Graphic Submission

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